Client Services

Program Development

Drawing on years of experience in the performance arts community, Luna Park uses performers of all genres to develop innovative programs. We generate a powerful audience response by delivering fresh ideas in various media.

Talent Booking

With 12 years experience booking talent for mass and target markets in all genres (music, film, literary, multimedia, visual and performing arts), Luna Park finds the talent—and deal—to make an event successful.

Event Production

Luna Park provides complete event production services: budget forecasting, custom venue and site design, audio-visual design and direction, and logistics for projects large and small. We also like to collaborate and participate on a team.


Our team can provide or help develop concepts, budgets, programming ideas, audience development strategies, and much more. With experience in public radio and journalism, with a specialty in start-ups and non-profits, we have broad skills to address a range of needs.

Clients with whom we work have a purposeful social vision and a desire to present fresh and innovative content.