Capture the Magic of EVERY Hangout

With Luna Park Memories your team can keep the conversation going with personalized mementos.

Memories Memories Memories Memories

Why Luna Park

Luna Park was borne of the belief that social games are the absolute best way to connect when you're physically distant. We make work relationships more human (and fun).


How It Works

Using machine learning technology and other software magic we generate animated GIFs of everyone smiling and laughing and curate them into a memory that everyone can download and share. 

Personalize It

Select from different templates to ensure that each image appropriately reflects your team and company culture.

Not A Fan?

Don’t worry. If you or anyone on your team isn’t interested in being captured we offer the ability to adjust your privacy settings so you won’t be included in the memories.

The Power of Employee Engagement


Struggling Employees Yield 2x Turnover

Interview with Gallup Chief Research Scientist, Jim Harter


Engagement Issues Drive 2/3 Of Attrition

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey


84% of people in tech want to work remotely

AWA survey of 10k people in high tech sectors

Wondering If Luna Park Is Right For You? Book An Exploratory Call with Us

As an organizer, you have to show up the day of the event. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

    • 👉No App Downloads
    • 👉No Breakout Rooms
    • 👉100% Safe-for-Work
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