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Team engagement solutions at a price that works!

Build lasting connections at a fraction of the price of in-person meetups.

One Time

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Affordable Pricing
Single Live Event

One Time Features

  • Minimum 20 Participants
  • 60 Minutes Experience


Cancel Anytime
Affordable Pricing
Unlimited Live Events
Affordable Pricing
Slack Random Pairing
Affordable Pricing
100s of On Demand Games

Membership Features

  • Minimum 2 Participants
  • 15 / 30 / 60 Minute Experiences
  • Engagement Analytics

Loved by distributed teams at

Average Rating of 9.2 from 30k+ Attendees

Affordable Pricing

One-Of-A-Kind Platform

No more boring Zoom meetings! Luna Park is a purpose-built platform made for interactive collaborative mini-games.

Affordable Pricing

Collaborative Games

Our social games and icebreakers designed for work create a unique experience that your team will clamor for again.

Affordable Pricing

Fun & Interactive

Our technology, along with a professional host, maximizes interactivity and connects your team in an authentic way.


Pricing Table

Show Details

Participants Single Event Booking Single Event Booking
(Per Event)
Unlimited Membership Unlimited Membership
(Per Quarter)
10 - 50$600$700
51 - 100$900$1000
101 - 150$1,200$1,300
151 - 200$1,600$1,600
201 - 250$2,000$1,900
250+-Reach Out To Us--Reach Out To Us-
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