9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Hybrid Teams

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Hybrid Teams

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Go Green With Your Team

On April 22nd, we recognize and celebrate the place that we call home no matter where we are, Earth. Earth Day is an opportunity to Go Green with your team and we have a few ideas to get you started. Before we tell you how you can make an impact, we should start with the basics…

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was officially first celebrated in 1970 and the significance of the holiday has remained the same today. It recognizes and raises awareness for environmental protection all over the world. The celebration of Earth Day signifies the responsibility we have to preserve Earth’s natural resources for generations to come.

It seems there are new ways of celebrating this event each year but the goal is all the same, how can we make an impact? We have a few ideas to get you and your team started in a remote or even in-person workplace.

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Hybrid Teams

1. Host A Lunch and Learn

Education is one of the most important ways to raise awareness. Some of your team might not even know much about topics like how to recycle or what climate change looks like! Hosting a Lunch and Learn with a speaker is an amazing way to educate and you can make it fun! Organizations like TreePeople offer virtual lunch and learns where they bring in an expert and present on various environmental topics. You can invite an unlimited number of guests for $750.00.

Another way is to lead your own L&L with the help of The Nature Conservancy's free education resources. They have a learning platform with videos and a teacher guide to assist you.

2. Plant A Tree With Your Team ????

If you meet in person, you can work with an organization like TreePeople to plant a tree in the Southern California area with your team! They have a volunteer calendar where your team can choose a date and use their sign-up link to participate! If you are in the New York City area, you can partner with Trees New York for a corporate event simply by emailing them at info@treesny.org!

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Hybrid Teams

3. Send a box of sustainable snacks

I mean who doesn’t love super yummy snacks?! An amazing way to celebrate Earth Day this year is to send some snacks that are good for you and the environment. Check out SnackMagic to build a customizable box of snacks or goodies from their menu of very healthy and sustainable options. They partner with brands like Bobo’s or Sun & Swell Foods who take extra steps to ensure sustainability!

Want to know more? The process is so simple you can compost in between! Just create a unique link for your team member with a minimum budget of $45 a person, send it over email, and allow them to do the rest. They can pick their own options and have it sent directly to their door. May the Forest be with you!

4. Play Earth Day Inspired Games ????

Protect your high score while protecting the earth! Take a must needed break in your crazy work day to get into the spirit of all things Earth with Luna Park’s one-of-a-kind games. Subscribe to Luna Park On Demand and empower your team with collaborative icebreakers, games, trivia, and more!

Check out the game - Upcycle. You will work with your team to see who is the best at saving mother nature by upcycling pieces of trash into something you'll treasure.

5. Share an Article on the History of Earth Day

Does your team really know how Earth Day started? A simple share in Slack can bring greater awareness across your team. Take this article and spread it throughout your organization. Try to also pose a question to your team such as “If you could be a tree, which one would you choose and why?”. An icebreaker gets the conversation going and engages your team.

6. Set up a Sustainability Committee to See What More Your Company Can Do

Many employees at your company might be environmentally conscious or earth gurus! Start a sustainability committee and invite team members to join. Create a group in Slack or over email and share it with the company. Ask members to join and get the conversation started by creating a sustainability plan. The group can find ways to be more sustainable as a company. These initiatives could include going paperless, working with sustainable partners or brands, or setting up a volunteer day!

7. Walk or Bike to Work or Work From Home!

Reducing your carbon footprint is a key way to support Earth Day. Instead of driving to work, try walking or biking! Even better, encourage your employees to work from home instead. Make Friday, April 21st a company-wide "WFH" day by posting the day in your Google calendars and telling your team!

8. Host a Virtual Earth Day Live Game Show with Your Team

Skip the planning and let Luna Park take care of everything for you! No better way to celebrate Earth Day than by participating in a super fun and interactive live virtual game show. Get your team excited about the environment with a set of Earth Day-themed collaborative games hosted by a professional comedian. Our platform has a 9.2 rating from over 30k+ players from hundreds of companies. Fewer straws and way more fun!

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Hybrid Teams

9. Raise Funds for a Charitable Organization

Even if you are too busy to try one of the ideas above, you can still support and participate this Earth Day. Your team can raise funds to donate to an organization that is working on environmental initiatives. Some examples are the SurfRider Foundation, Greenpeace Fund, or Friends of the Earth! Simply click their donate button and share with your team over email. Include a video emphasizing the importance of Earth Day with the link. Here is a great example.

9 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Hybrid Teams

Start Saving The Planet Now

Earth Day is an amazing opportunity to not only do something good for the Earth but to also engage and connect with your team! As April 22nd quickly approaches, take some time to plan and implement one of these ideas. Even a small act can go a long way and make an impact!

Luckily, Luna Park is on Earth's side and has some fun ways to collaborate with your team to celebrate. Check out more resources here ⟶ www.golunapark.com

Thanks, Earth, you rock!

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