Announcing Luna Park On Demand!

Announcing Luna Park On Demand!

One of the most painful problems with remote and hybrid work has been left mostly unsolved. Without the ability to bump into co-workers in the hall or overhear a casual conversation, there’s hardly any opportunities to connect with people outside of your immediate team.

These types of connections are critical to building company culture and creating a true sense of belonging. It’s often how ideas and information get distributed throughout the company and mixing diverse perspectives is a key driver of new ideas and innovation.

Virtual events have been the go-to solution for many remote / hybrid companies. It makes sense… some sort of planned event like a happy hour is how we’d spike in-office engagement. But if it’s the only time your team is connecting casually and it happens once per quarter, you’re barely scratching the surface.

Speaking to over 1,000 companies since March 2020 has allowed us to identify why these social experiences aren’t happening more frequently. And why, despite 4,000 of our 10,000 surveyed players desiring more frequent social experiences, they aren’t happening:

  • Heavy burden on HR – HR tends to be the only ones empowered to put on these experiences. When some employees want to do these events frequently and others want to do them every six months, it’s natural to lean towards the lowest common denominator.
  • Heavy time commitment – 60-90 minutes for the whole team is heavy! When you’re in the office, how often are your daily social encounters 60-90 minutes? Almost never… They’re usually bite sized.
  • Inconsistent quality – You never really know what you’re gonna get. Is this a really good virtual event? Will these games work on Zoom?
  • Friction to plan – Unlike socialization that happens from simply bumping into colleagues in the office, it takes a lot of work to plan a great event for the team. Evaluating vendors submitting expense reports… so many manager budgets go unused.

A better solution is badly needed! Which is why I’m thrilled to share the beta launch of our new product, Luna Park On Demand.

Luna Park On Demand is a Peloton/Netflix-like library of interactive, social, games that are designed to be played with your colleagues. The games scale seamlessly allowing you to play with 2 players or up to 300 and range in type from arcade, trivia, word-play, DEI games, to ice breakers games (that are actually fun!). The games are all hosted by a professional comedian who serves as a guide through the experience making it highly accessible to all. The goal is to disseminate the power to engage to everyone on the team and reduce the burden on the HR team. We drive further engagement through our slack and MS Teams integration that helps integrate the experience into existing workflows.

I want to quickly thank all our champions who have been early supporters along this journey including: Wendy Yu, Jen Paxton, Desiree Therianos, Jenn Zacks, Amanda Sonmor, Dani Grant, Celine Grey, Jayda Couch, Derek Sidebottom, KK Mayo, and so many more ????!!

If you’re a manager or HR leader wrestling with how to engage your team, let’s get in touch! We’d love to show you what we’ve been building!

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