Luna Park 101: Your Complete Guide to Virtual Team Building

Luna Park 101: Your Complete Guide to Virtual Team Building

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In today's dynamic work environment, where teams are often dispersed across different locations, the need for effective team building has become more important than ever. While traditional team-building activities might be challenging to organize in such scenarios, Luna Park emerges as the one-stop solution for virtual team-building. If you're ready to bring your remote teams closer, you're in the right place.

🎮 What is Luna Park On Demand?

Luna Park is the world's premier library of interactive social experiences aimed at team building. From arcade games to trivia challenges and special occasion celebrations, Luna Park provides an array of engaging games to foster teamwork, collaboration, and fun! Read more

▶️ How Can I Start a Game?

Getting started with Luna Park is a breeze. To kick off an exhilarating virtual team-building experience:

  1. Ensure everyone you want to play with has a Luna Park account. Your admin can add an account from settings if someone doesn’t have an account.
  2. Browse our library here and choose a game.
  3. Schedule a Luna Park experience and those you invite will receive a calendar invite with a link.
  4. Everyone clicks the link and enjoys the fun!

👥 How Many People Can Participate?

Luna Park experiences start at 2-45 participants, catering to various group sizes and occasions.

🌐 Does Luna Park Accommodate a Global Audience?

The goal for global teams is to create an inclusive environment that is fun and enjoyable regardless of your first language. Each game is tagged global or US to indicate what kind of group it would be appropriate for (in addition to other helpful tags).

🕒 How Long Do Games Last?

Experiences range from 5 to 45 minutes, providing options for quick breaks or more extensive team-building sessions.

🙌 Are the Games Only for Fun?

While fun is a key element, Luna Park's games are designed with collaboration and team building as the core objective.

😎 How Tech-Savvy Do Players Need to Be?

Luna Park was designed to be easy to use for all levels of tech aptitude. Everything happens in the browser so no need to download software or apps. We recommend using headphones during gameplay and using Google Chrome as your browser. If you do ever run into any issues we’re always there to help.

🛠️ Need More Help?

We're here for you! Contact our support team at, and we'll be happy to assist. If you’re in the middle of a game, click the help button at the bottom left of your screen and we’ll provide live support. Read more

ℹ️ Do You Have A Knowledge Base?

Yes, click here to read more!

📍 Explore the Future of Team Building

With the virtual landscape becoming the new normal for work interactions, virtual team building is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Luna Park emerges as the ultimate solution, offering a diverse range of interactive experiences for team building. From fostering collaboration to kindling laughter, Luna Park's engaging games are tailored to elevate your team's dynamics. So, whether you're a small team seeking quick bonding moments or a larger group aiming for profound connections, Luna Park welcomes you to a realm of fun, collaboration, and shared experiences.

Try Luna Park for free below!

Luna Park 101: Your Complete Guide to Virtual Team Building

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