How Luna Park Went From -10% NPS To A 65% NPS In Less Than 3 Months

How Luna Park Went From -10% NPS To A 65% NPS In Less Than 3 Months

How Luna Park Went From -10% NPS To A 65% NPS In Less Than 3 Months

On July 15, 2021, our NPS was a -10. Yes, you read that right. We put something out into the world and the numbers didn’t lie. It sucked. That hurt. A lot. But by October 12th, we had an NPS of 65 (and today it’s 82%)! Here are a few learnings along the way.

NPS is calculated as -100 to +100. If you are unfamiliar with NPS, check out this post from a16z. From that piece: We also like to see NPS scores trending up over time. It’s a good leading indicator that the company…is improving its value proposition over time.

Be vulnerable, release early. Luna Park runs live virtual events and our first experience was honestly embarrassing. But we immediately had 10 things we knew needed to be improved, that we otherwise would have just been speculating about. It helped us focus on what was most important.

Pull multiple levers. We are fortunate to have an insanely talented eng team but relying on engineering alone is too slow. We chose a strategy where we could pull multiple levers to improve the experience from the design, games, hosts interaction, to the onboarding/sales process.

Focus, focus, focus. We chose a single metric to focus on and we never wavered. NPS was a (brutally) honest way to assess whether anyone cared about what we were building. We’re outgrowing only having one metric. But it was nice to focus on just one thing initially.

Systematically improve. Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous “improvement”. After every game, we’d chat as a team about the lowest hanging fruit improvements we could make. We’d then sprint to make them before the next game, which could be just a few hours.

Keep the iterative mentality going. The more games we ran, the better the experience got, the more referrals we’d get. We’ve grown entirely organically to date and it’s accelerating scary fast.

How Luna Park Went From -10% NPS To A 65% NPS In Less Than 3 Months

We’re so grateful to some of our early adopters who took a risk on us when our experience was…. new. Sam Behrman @ Scentbird, @Evan Atkinson @ Cockroach Labs, Sean Grundy / Jill Rudnicki @ Bevi, Karin Brandt @ Courbanize, Eric Berman @ OKPlay, Desiree Therianos @ Okera, Katie Johns @ Mentor Collective, Sunna Mansaray @ ReadMe, Steve Cousinea @ Exploding Kittens, Pat Pettiti @ Catalant, Katie Soo @ KiwiCo, and so many more. But now the experience is truly world-class. As mentioned above our 6-day average is hovering now around 82%! We’re ready for any team that wants to give it a go!

Do you have a remote or hybrid team that wants to remember what it’s like to spend quality time together? Reach out to me at

Oh, and Luna Park is hiring.

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