Keep Company Culture Popping

Keep Company Culture Popping

Keep Company Culture Popping

Company culture isn’t just for zoomers or boomers.

From “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to “Don’t Stop Believing,” pop culture spans the ages in multi-generational company culture.

Do you have any idea if your boss can name that tune on Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo?

Did you know that your coworker is expert at solving math problems for 5th graders faster than anyone at your company?

Probably not. You might not have even thought about it until now. You’re missing out! ????

There are few ways to learn about our co-workers’ unique passions, quirky knowledge, and extraordinary talents with today’s remote workforce.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were singing karaoke, bowling, or even doing trust falls (I hear those were still a thing) to bring us closer together.

Being distributed shouldn’t impede us from finding ways to connect and share meaningful moments.

Pop culture is one of many effective tools Luna Park uses to bring people of all ages together.

At Luna Park, we have a vast library of games. If your team is passionate about pop culture we can curate an experience just for you. If your team is international or just plain hates pop culture, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. ????

We’ve been working hard at perfecting an experience that gets everyone involved. Here are a few examples:

???? Magical riddles courtesy of the staff at Hogwarts Community College

???? Counting games featuring Danny DeVito, lots of Danny DeVito

???? Name the hit songs based on the black artist that inspired it

????Correctly identify the slang used by the contestants on Love Island UK

???? Watch a clip from a music video and see if you can remember the tiny details!

???? Think you can name the video game solely based on its audio?

???? And we find ways to fit in slap bracelets, neon, pagers, Ugg boots, bellbottoms, the Beatles, and beyond.

We select iconic pop memories that bring out the fun, the silly, and the surprising from everyone’s personal experiences.

We aim for those moments and references that give team members moments to show off who they are and build authentic, lasting connections outside of meetings and endless to-do lists.

Luna Park’s games create an atmosphere of camaraderie, team-driven communication, and healthy competition. Wes Wadsworth at Sketchy recently emailed us after the experience and said: “I really enjoyed both experiences with Luna Park and I think you guys are filling a really important role with remote work! I definitely feel like I was able to bond with a lot of my coworkers and that has really been lacking since I’ve never met any of them in person!”

Sharing these experiences filled with cross-generational pop culture games and activities keeps office culture fresh and filled with joyful moments. ????

Ready to take your team to Luna Park? Have a look around, follow the company on LinkedIn, and reach out to with any questions!

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