Reconnecting Company Culture

Reconnecting Company Culture

Reconnecting Company Culture

What if you could make your company the best-connected team in the world?

A lofty goal, sure.

But the solution isn’t solely about your intranet, Slack channels, or weekly newsletter.

It’s about creating unique engagement in meaningful ways outside of the daily grind.

If you haven’t already, check out Gallup’s research on “the powerful relationship between employee engagement and team performance.”

The study–the largest on employee engagement and performance–clarifies that the more team members interact, the more satisfied they are. In fact, when comparing top-quartile with bottom-quartile engagement, Gallup found that highly engaged teams have a 43% reduction in turnover and a 66% increase in wellbeing. 

Given how much teams spend to recruit, onboard, and train team members a significant decrease in turnover can have a massive increase in the bottom line. Keep in mind the report was from 2020, a very different time with a very different workforce.

In 2022, the desire for meaningful work has increased while connectivity has become a greater challenge.

Here’s Gallup’s 2022 update on the report with five elements of success.

Ongoing communication, prioritizing wellbeing, and community engagement remain at the forefront.

Here is a direct quote: As work and life are now more blended than ever, it is critical that organizations address and manage employee engagement along with the five elements of wellbeing — career, social, financial, physical and community — to reduce the odds of burnout, stress, worry, anxiety and depression.

Before the pandemic, employees wanted their careers to have meaning. They wanted to feel connected and not just clock in and out.

Companies need to continue listening to this call for engagement and find strong and consistent ways to keep teams connected.

It’s proven that teams perform better when they’re engaging with each other. The Luna Park experience has become part of the culture stack for companies like TikTok, Scopely, and Warby Parker, to reconnect employees consistently and support company culture remotely.

So if you’re stumped on how to bring your teams together in a hybrid environment–we’re here to help!

Ready to take your team to Luna Park?

Follow the company here, check out our website, and reach out to with any questions!

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